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Advanced Vacuum Services Inc. is highly proficient in different types of high pressure cleaning and hydro excavation. Government regulations have placed increasing importance on a clean working environment. Traditional techniques such as abrasive blast preparations are becoming a thing of the past. Cleaning with water is safer, more efficient, and more economical. With waterblasting there is no airborne dust and no added abrasive sand to be disposed of. AVS has the expertise and equipment to remove dirt, oil, grease, resin, rust, corrosion, coatings and linings, and paint down to the substrate providing a clean surface. We also can eliminate the risk of damaging underground lines and infrastructures by our non-destructive method of hydro excavation. We have extensive experience in the following areas:

Manufacturing plants - jetting lines; cleaning paint booths, fans, stacks, silos, tanks, trenches, cooling towers, and pits

Power plants - cleaning boilers, condensers, evaporators, fans, air heaters, clarifiers, cooling towers, heat exchanger tube cleaning, and jetting process lines

Soybean processing plants, ethanol plants, biodiesel plants - cleaning scales, filters, extractors, conditioners, fans, and jetting lines

Contruction - hydro excavating underground lines, utility poles, traffic signal poles, footing and trenching

Property management - cleaning parking garages, brick cleaning, graffiti removal, surface prepping floors and swimming pools

Municipalities - jetting sewer lines, and hydro excavating lines

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